Tuna belly, bonito and wthite tuna

Tuna belly in olive oil, is the most exquisite part of the tuna. Canned keeps all its flavor so it is recommended as an appetizer, salads, and all kinds of traditional recipes.

The tuna is distributed from the north Atlantic to the south and along the Mediterranean coasts thus determining the fishing seasons.

Like all blue fish, it stands out for its nutritional value and its richness in OMEGA 3, and vitamins B3, B12 and D. Its consumption helps to regulate the level of cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Código EANReferenciaFormatoPeso NetoPeso escurridoLatas / CajaCajas / pallet
8436035156399WHITE TUNA BELLY IN OLIVE OILOL-120 FA115 gr.75 gr.25180
8436035156382YELLOWFIN TUNA BELLY IN OLIVE OILOL-120 FA115 gr.75 gr.25180
8436035156740YELLOWFIN TUNA BELLY IN PARTRIDGE SAUCEOL-120 FA115 gr.75 gr.25180