Craft, quality and tradition are the parameters which define our products

Craft, quality and tradition are the parameters
which define our products

A flavor with history

Conservas Portomar S.L.U. belongs to the Spanish group “Armadora Pereira”, founded in 1956 and with headquarters in the city of Vigo. The main activity of the group is the fishing and the transformation of fishery products in its refrigerated and frozen versions.

Expert captains, skippers and specialized crew fish 113 species with 19 boats equipped with the most modern technology, in a manner that is respectful of the environment and responsible, complying with the sustainability standards of the species, established by the most demanding institutions.

In addition, the group has several processing plants for seafood products, both chilled and frozen. The most important factory, Pereira Productos del Mar, is located in the fishing port of Vigo (Spain). The others are in Senegal and Namibia.

Tradition and crafts

Conservas Portomar is the new subsidiary of the group, acquired in May 2016, taking advantage of the synergies and potentials of the different resources, which provides a consolidated group and benchmark in the fishing sector, such as Armadora Pereira.

We are a company dedicated with care and seriousness to the elaboration of preserved sea products. A wide range of fish and seafood make up our portfolio.

We are located in Vilagarcía, in the heart of the Ría de Arousa, a privileged place in Galicia for fishing and making the most exquisite seafood. We are specialists due to our long experience in the selection of the best raw materials of the sea, because all the equipment that we compose Portomar we have been born and we have been raised by the sea, is part of our childhood, of our lives. Our preparations are cooked with 100% natural ingredients, without additives, without dyes and without preservatives, to enjoy unique flavors and very healthy products.

m² of factory

The industry

Conservas Portomar, has a modern factory of 3,000 m2. The manufacturing facilities consist of state-of-the-art production lines, but without losing the essence of the traditional and artisanal.

The main characteristic of the plant is a distribution of very direct flows and physically separated environments to maintain high standards in hygienic sanitary conditions and food safety.

Likewise, we have a modern laboratory fully equipped to perform all the controls and analyzes required by current legislation. Our quality control and batching system allows us to detect any incident in a matter of minutes and limit the problem until we know the exact time of manufacture, the machine and even the operator that intervened in the process.