Small sardines

The sardine together with the anchovy is one of the healthiest blue oils, and an easily absorbed food, very rich in vitamins A, E, B3 and B12, and minerals such as calcium, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially OMEGA 3.

EAN CodeReferenceFormatNet weightDrained weightLatas / CajaCajas / pallet
8436035155774SMALL SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL 10/14RR-125 FA115 gr.81 gr.25180
8436035155705SMALL SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL 16/22RR-125 FA115 gr.81 gr.25180
8436035155699SMALL SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL 20/25RR-125 FA115 gr.81 gr.25180
8436035155866SMALL SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL 30/40RR-125 FA115 gr.81 gr.25180
8436035155965SMALL SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL 6/8RR-9081 gr.57 gr.25180
843603515569SMALL SARDINES IN OLIVE OIL 6/8RR-90125 gr.85 gr.25180
843603515956 SMALL SARDINES IN SUNFLOWER OIL 6/8RR-90125 gr.85 gr.25180
8436035155118SMALL SARDINES FROM RIANXO 10/14RO - 120 FA